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M O O D | Find your glow

“You will know your path by the fun of it” – A.H.

This full moon energy is guiding us to focus on our visions. Cultivate this energy & allow it to flow and illuminate.

Let pure joy, passion and fun be the compass you use, in which you lead yourself to your aligned path and vision.
Seriously, try it out! Notice what lights you up.
What brings you happiness & joy and overwhelming excitement?
Those are your clues and what you love ⚡️

Cultivate this energy, allow it to flow and take inspired action.
Watch what happens if you only say YES to the things that light you up.

I got a bit off track, but making my way back to this wonderful state.

Allow yourself to surrender & put trust in the universe to find your glow. ✨





M O O D | Find your glow

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